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Self Care Checklist

Here are self-care steps recommended by the experts. Make a promise to yourself to do the following - choose where you want to start on your path.


  1. Choose a doctor who has been highly rated for diabetes care
  2. Make healthy food choices daily
  3. Be active every day
  4. Find ways to manage my stress
  5. Take my medicine as prescribed by my doctor and talk with my doctor about taking aspirin
  6. Check my blood sugar regularly and record the results to help me track my progress
  7. Attend a diabetes self management education program
  8. Quit smoking

Download the full Diabetes Pathway to Health as a PDF

The Maine Pathway to Health is produced and supported by Chronic Disease Partners of Maine and Maine Aligning Forces for Quality, an initiative of Quality Counts, the Maine Health Management Coalition, and the Maine Quality Forum.  This effort is made possible with support from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, and by generous contributions from the Maine Center for Disease Control and Prevention and MaineHealth.


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