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Self Care Checklist

Here are self-care steps recommended by the experts.  Make a promise to yourself to do the following - choose where you want to start on your path.


1.  Choose a doctor who provides the care experts recommend and see them for regular check-ups
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2.  Set goals for yourself that help you feel healthier

3.  Have a written asthma plan

4.  Avoid things that make your asthma worse like tobacco smoke, dust, perfume, mold, and furry animals  (see page 2)

5.  Take all of your medicines exactly as prescribed by your doctor. If you can not afford to do so, talk to your doctor, phone 211 for possible assistance, or check out Consumer Reports Best Buy Drugs for ideas on how to obtain more affordable drugs.

6.  Get your flu shot each year

7.  Try to exercise regularly to improve your overall health


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