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Disclaimer: Measures of Health Care Quality

This disclaimer has important information you should know about our rating results

Please note that by publishing this information, it is not the intention of the Maine Health Management Coalition to recommend any particular hospital, physician, or other provider over any other. Each provider included in the report has been licensed by the state and most, if not all, of the providers included in the study participate in some form of utilization review and quality improvement initiatives.

The Maine Health Management Coalition urges all individuals to select health care providers based on personal referrals, direct inquiries, and other detailed information. No individual should select a provider, or fail to select a provider, solely on the basis of the limited information presented in these profiles. There are a variety of other sources of provider information and it is important to use all available public sources to determine where you want to receive care. The information provided using this website is only intended to be a general summary of information to the public. It is not intended to take the place of either written law or regulations. The Maine Health Management Coalition disclaims any and all liability for the consequences of provider choices made by individuals even if such choices are purportedly influenced by the data presented on this website. MOREOVER, THE MAINE HEALTH MANAGEMENT COALITION MAY NOT BE HELD LIABLE FOR ANY NEGATIVE INFERENCES DRAWN BY PATIENTS OR POTENTIAL PATIENTS WITH RESPECT TO ANY HEALTHCARE PROVIDER PARTICIPATING IN THE STUDY BASED ON THE RATINGS ASSIGNED TO SUCH PROVIDER IN THE PROFILE.

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This information may not be reproduced by any non-MHMC member without express permission from the MHMC.