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Checklist for your Doctor

Make Sure You Get the Care Experts Recommend. 
Bring This Checklist with You to Your Doctor’s Visit

Diagnosis & Every Visit         
  • Give you a physical exam.
  • Check for wheezing and/or coughing.
  • Check how often breathing problems happen.
  • Prescribe medication(s).
  • Make a written action plan to manage your asthma.
  • Give you flu/pneumonia shots as needed.
  • Check for other problems (acid reflux, heart failure).
Ongoing Care
  • Make sure your blood pressure is less than 130/80.
  • Check your asthma action plan progress.
  • Discuss what you can do to avoid triggers.
  • Teach you how to use peak flow meters, inhalers and medicines. 
Flare-Ups, Worsening Symptoms and/or Acute Episodes    
  • Prescribe fast-acting, inhaled medicine.
  • Prescribe oral steroid when problems are not solved with inhaled medicines.

Download this checklist as a PDF

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