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Affordable Care - Doctor's Offices

Sliding-Scale Clinics and Federally Qualified Health Centers

Sliding-scale clinics provide discounts based on household income.  To apply for the program, call the sliding-scale clinic directly and ask about their program.  Each clinic may have slightly different discount levels, so if the first place you call is not as helpful as you had hoped, give the next closest one a try.

Sometimes hospitals will also have information about other sliding-scale clinics in their area that work with them.  If you don't find a clinic that works for you, try calling your local hospital.

Download a list of sliding-scale clinics

Free Clinics

Free clinics can provide you with a number of basic health care services at no cost.  Please note that most free clinics operate with a volunteer staff and are only open at limited times.  Like sliding-scale clinics, free clinics are usually only available to people who have no insurance or are within certain income limits.  Certain clinics require that you are both uninsured and below a certain income level.

Download a list of free clinics


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