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Self Care Checklist

Here are self-care steps recommended by the experts. Make a promise to yourself to do the following – choose where you want to start on your path.


  1. Choose a doctor that has been highly rated for heart disease care
  2. Make healthy food choices daily – Eat at least 5 fruits/vegetables, whole grains, and fat-free dairy products; do not add salt to your food and do not use food products with a high salt content. Ask for a referral to a nutritionist if you have other health issues like diabetes and are not sure what foods are best to eat given your other health problems.
  3. Be active every day – Your health care team can help you know what is the right amount for you. (fun ways to exercise)
  4. Quit smoking – For assistance, call the Maine Tobacco Helpline at 800-207-1230 and avoid being in the room with other smokers.
  5. Limit alcohol to no more than one small drink per day and will not use illegal drugs especially cocaine. (kicking bad habits)
  6. Know my numbers – Keep track of important health information, such as your body mass index (BMI), cholesterol, and blood pressure.
  7. Get regular medical & dental checkups.
  8. Get enough sleep at night and rest when I need it.
  9. Reduce my stress.
  10. Be patient and allow the days or weeks it might take my heart drugs to start working.
  11. Keep a log of the all the drugs I am taking including medicines and vitamins I got without a prescription and share that list with my care team. Call 211 for help if I cannot afford to buy my prescriptions.
    prescription log
  12. Wash my hands regularly.
  13. Talk to my medical team to see if immunizations for the flu and pneumonia are up to date.
  14. Talk to my healthcare team about any concerns or side effects I am having including but not limited to depression and will be truthful about what I am doing and what I want answers about.


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