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Join Our Book Club!

Welcome to the home of Maine's first statewide book club!

We at GetBetterMaine believe that Americans should have the best quality health care system in the world, but according to the World Health Organization we are ranked 37th out of 191 countries!1 The only thing the US ranks #1 in is the amount of money we spend on health care per person.

It's this disconnect between cost and quality that inspired author, journalist and Princeton professor T.R. Reid to travel the world in search of how other industrialized countries manage to deliver quality medical coverage to every one of their citizens for such a comparatively low cost.  To find out what lessons he learned and what we can do as a nation to stay healthy and competitive we're urging everyone to read his book, The Healing of America.  We're also holding a contest to see who has the most unique book club in Maine. You could win an overnight stay for up to 10 people at Maine Huts and Trails' Flagstaff site!

We know that better, cheaper health care is a possibility in the United States, and as some of the most resolute, determined people on the planet we know we can get there.  Now it's time to take the first step: Join our book club!


TR Reid's week-long visit to Maine is being sponsored by the Maine Health Management Coalition Foundation, the Daniel Hanley Center for Health Leadership and the Maine Health Access Foundation, with support from Aligning Forces for Quality, Maine Medical Association, Maine Osteopathic Association, AARP, Maine Quality Counts and the Maine Development Foundation.


1 The World Health Organization Assesses the World's Health Systems Accessed 7/22/2011


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