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About Us

The Maine Health Management Coalition (MHMC)

is a charitable organization whose mission is to bring the people who get care, pay for care, and provide care together in order to measure and improve the quality of health care services in Maine. By publicly reporting quality information on Maine doctors and hospitals, the MHMC hopes to empower the public to make informed decisions about the care they receive.

The Coalition was one of the first of communities around the country to be designated as a Chartered Value Exchange by the US Department of Health and Human Services and the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality.  We are proud to partner with other Maine organizations to improve the value of Maine health care services.

The MHMC executes its mission by:

Measuring (where necessary) and reporting on the quality and cost of health care services.
Engaging health care consumers to understand and seek high quality health care.
Educating the public and key stakeholders in the use of cost and quality information to make informed decisions.
Assisting the public and governmental and nonprofit organizations in the process of sharing and analyzing data related to health care services issues.
Fostering research and education with regard to health care services, and serving as a resource to promote solutions to health care services issues.
Fostering collaboration among diverse stakeholders through facilitation, negotiation, and mediation to accelerate the process of consensus building.

The Maine Health Management Coalition does not sell any services or accept advertising on its GetBetterMaine site.  It is funded solely through contributions, and is recognized as a Section 501(c)3 organization by the US Federal Revenue Service.